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Welcome to Mount Mercy Foundation (MMF)

Mount Mercy Foundation derives its vision from the teachings of The Quran and its mission from the traditions of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), while its values are espoused from the teachings of Islam.

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Education & Research

It is only through Education & Research can a generation hope to move ahead with improved finesse and making the lives more comfortable and happier. MMF will undertake the activities under the Research and Education Platform on a global scale using all On-ground and Online vehicles of distribution and dissipation of knowledge and research

IFL-1As space & time are now becoming fast irrelevant, more and more people are driven to become Global citizens. Importance of language learning across borders becomes a critical factor for growth.

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utti-2UTTI aims to train and award diploma & short term vocational courses on various topics like Quranic Arabic, Life-skills, Spoken English, Computer Skills, etc. UTTI will empower the deprived sections

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RssWith growing numbers of professional colleges leading to decline in the standards of quality professional education, it is felt that students with sound schooling can only combat the onslaught of

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Social Welfare Services

Inspired by the fundamentals of building a healthy society and citizenry, alongside divine and modern education, MMF intends to take up social & welfare services on the concept of Universal Brotherhood. We believe that education devoid of human values and service to mankind extends the gap between the fortunate and the under-privileged members of the society.The Social Services Platform of MMF shall encompass the following activities for establishing better living standards in.

helpBringing comfort & peace to the troubled and left-aside senior citizens in the surrounding areas of Hyderabad City by lending them an humble & warm helping hand. Busy & affluent life has created

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MCE While urban areas of cities are mushrooming with Medical Services & Centres of Excellence, the under-privileged rural class of the society is ever neglected for medical services and timely aid.

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UQAProviding soothing and compassionate environment to an orphan where he can learn to cope up with irreparable loss and also groom himself to face the world with confidence and self

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mmf Educational Scholarships & Sponsorships Provide opportunities in the form of resources and career guidance to meritorious students. Thereby, inculcate aspirations of excellence to pursue

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RssThousands of sick people die due to non-availability of timely help to reach medical centres. MMF intends to launch this service as a small step to fill this huge gap, endeavouring

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zakath-1Alms & Charity Distribution to the poor & needy a large section of the Muslim Society is struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis for the sake of basic amenities. MMF will strive to relieve

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