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“Mount Mercy Foundation (MMF) – Social, Research & Educational Services, is an organization registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882. Registered under the Minority Institutions bracket, MMF shall specifically serve the members of the Muslim Community and the society in general. MMF sphere of functions shall encompass religious, educational, research and social welfare services falling within the gamut of Islamic Thought.

Set up by some prominent scholars, social scientists and professionals from varied fields of; education, management, social sciences, & engineering, MMF has its Registered Office in the cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad, India. MMF espouses value based life on ethical foundations for a harmonious social order within the diverse multi-cultural and ethnic milieu of our world order.

Deriving its functional spirit from the Islamic Teachings of The Quran and the Traditions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), MMF aims at alleviating and uplifting all communities, especially the Muslims, suffering from the Morass of Spiritual, Social and Educational Degradation. MMF strives towards building a live and strong “relationship of nature” – between Man & his Creator.


MMF, headquartered in Hyderabad has embarked upon a mission to undertake socio-religion-cultural activities in a gamut of human development and spiritual understanding. Towards this end, it is setting up various faculties of value based educational institutions that include entities to also uplift rural poor segments of the society under the concept of universal brotherhood.